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Volume purchase

Air-conditioning is a consumption of large household appliances, if the choice of power is too small to play a role; if the power is too big, and waste. So consumers in the choice of air-conditioning power, to measure the room to buy.

One is not to be greedy, some consumers like to buy large air-conditioning, this is not desirable, because besides some special factors, home air-conditioning has its scope of use. Consumers in the purchase should be based on their own bedroom area to choose air-conditioning model, generally according to the following formula to calculate the amount of refrigeration required for the room, heating. The refrigerating capacity of the room is X140w to 180W, and the heating room area is X180w to 240W. In addition, the room should be based on the direction, floor level and the degree of sealing to do the appropriate increase or decrease.

Second, according to the design of the room, flexible purchase. Do not like some families, buy a large air-conditioning in the living room, in order to preserve the room, so not only difficult to preserve the room, but also cause waste. The reasonable way is, should according to the room type, buys the small power air conditioner, each tube each room. In this way, on the surface, the initial investment is much, but in the long run, it is still worthwhile. For example, a set of 110 square meters of three rooms and two halls, you can buy a cabinet-style 2 air-conditioning in the living room, both the living room and can be guaranteed restaurant, the bedroom can be divided into 1 small air-conditioning. It would be more reasonable to put it in the living room than to buy a 3-strong air conditioner.

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