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The Bus Business Department Held The Composite Material Technology Meeting

On June 9th, 2017, in order to strengthen the technical communication and learning between enterprises, promote the promotion of new products and new technologies, the SONGZ joint stock bus division holds the composite material technology exchange at the company headquarters. The theme of the conference is the introduction, application and development trend of new composite materials ( low density SMC, lft, etc. ).Director of our technology department xiong guohui, director of purchasing department Chen wenzhong, and engineers from the technical department participated in the meeting. In addition, the purchase department also invited advanced composite equipment, products and raw materials manufacturers as guests, at the meeting to introduce equipment, materials and new technology.

During the meeting, director xiong guo-hui expressed his gratitude to the participants and delivered a speech on the significance of the conference. Then the guest will introduce and explain the new technology in the field of composite materials and communicate with our engineers.

At the end of the meeting, director xiong guohui made a summary. At the same time, the technical communication will be fully affirmed and the requirements are put forward. First, strengthen the core innovation invention patent technology, so that the overall technical level of the company is further improved. Second, the vast number of technical personnel to take root, hard work. Third, the company should pay more attention to technology, respect talents and create a great environment for talents.




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