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The bus air conditioner will be turned on and the car is going to adjust

From June 1 onwards, Shanghai Bus will open a 4-month summer air-conditioning mode. According to the Shanghai Bus first public transport Co., Ltd. wuning Repair Point Engineer Wang introduced, more than 1600 bus air-conditioning maintenance work from March onwards, one by one to check air conditioning fan, dust, cleaning filters. The company stipulates that the air-conditioning filter must be cleaned once a week to ensure the refrigeration effect and energy saving.

Bus FAW staff also reminded that after the air-conditioning mode opened, for air temperature sensitive passengers should be appropriate increase or decrease clothing to regulate body temperature. Aunt Zhang, who takes bus No. 20, also said, "If it's cold, avoid the tuyere." The bus is for everybody's service, the air conditioner temperature cannot adjust for individual person's feeling freely. ”

20 Road director Wang Debao said, "The passengers are afraid of heat, some do not want too cold, our compartment temperature is generally around 24 degrees, to the high temperature season, we will consider the outside and the car temperature difference in 5 degrees, so the car feel cool, will not be able to get off." ”

He also said that the cabin temperature is low or high, the driver will be based on passenger comfort to fine-tune the air-conditioning temperature, and they have a link behind the workbench, their own hot and cold can be adjusted by adding or reducing clothing. He advises passengers: if you are afraid of cold, you can have a dress or scarf handy.

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