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The air-conditioned doctor on the Trinidad railway line

In Beijing power Supply Section mentioned Shifa, is famous, his superb air-conditioning professional skills, for the entire paragraph created a comfortable and warm production, living environment, workers are affectionately called him "hair son."

Beijing power Supply Section with more than 1100 air-conditioning units, distribution in the tube of the 12 railway lines, in order to ensure the safe operation of air-conditioning equipment, Shifa with learning, hard work, dedication to the action, interpretation of a party member's lofty responsibility, he has won the bureau grade and Duan-class outstanding Communists, advanced and other titles.

Shifa lives in Hebei Baoding Shunping County, 1995 by the Army to change jobs, assigned to Beijing Power Supply Section became a catenary workers. In 2003, as a result of his work, he diverted himself to become an air-conditioner repairman. The changes in the job position have given rise to a certain amount of pressure on a layman who has never been exposed to an air-conditioning professional.


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