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Strengthen air conditioning renovation to ensure cart refreshing summer

"Whether it is a maintenance or minor repair process of the locomotive, as long as the air conditioning failure, are not allowed to out of the library and on-line, this is our repair of the driver's commitment to the train." Recently, Wuchang South Depot overhaul assistant Section Liangje in the production of the handover meeting said such a sentence.

Summer, the temperature gradually rising, people will inevitably because of high temperature and upset. But for a train driver, being distracted will bring a safety hazard to the passengers of a whole train. To this end, Wuchang South Station vigorously strengthen the renovation of air-conditioning, to ensure that the train driver has a cool and comfortable working environment.

This section specially formulated the "locomotive air-conditioning repair management measures", the organization of technical management departments set up air-conditioning specialized group, respectively stationed in Wuchang, Hankou, Wu, Vounans and other facilities to access the library of locomotive air-conditioning by Taiwan "Check Check", the establishment of "one car one file." Combined with the inertia faults and quality risk points of locomotive air conditioning over the summer years, the paper makes a perfect operation method of air conditioner condenser and evaporator, making the standardized renovation work card by table, concentrating strength to tackle the problem. and strengthen the maintenance of air-conditioning unit cleaning work, the arrangement of a strong sense of responsibility, business fine maintenance personnel to use professional tools, 24 hours a day for access to the library of the locomotive air-conditioning filter, radiator, host for a comprehensive cleaning. At the same time, this section strictly implement the air-conditioning renovation quality control system, the air conditioning open cover inspection, condenser and evaporator cleaning, filter replacement, electrical insulation and other key parts of the use of a registered maintenance, review, renovation, and set up a special problem library, limited supervision and regulation of the sale number.

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