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SONGZ Passed HONDA Audit On Global Condenser Strategy

Honda global condenser strategic audit has been started in SONGZ from 15th to 16th, 2017, after two years preparation, multiple research and verification audit. 13 senior experts from HONDA HQ (HGT), HONDA China (HMCT), Dongfeng HONDA (WDHAC), Guangqi HONDA (GHAC), has gone through the most highest level audit in SONGZ Shanghai for two days. After the audit SONGZ has been announced to be included into the HONDA global automobile products development supply system, which has created a miracle for HONDA to select new supplier into the supply chain system.

By following the development philosophy of “Technology for Tomorrow, Excellence Through Innovation”, SONGZ constantly upgrade our R&D technology and product quality level for the purpose of providing our customers high-quality products. From Mar. 2016, according to HONDA automobile new system standards requirements for different functional and business modules, SONGZ JAC has established new organizational structure, steadily and effectively adopting HONDA standards core tools to promote the implementation of the system. SONGZ JAC has set files on training plan, career plan, goal plan, project confirmation, result confirmation and so on, clearly show the work content of different departements, which present the characteristics of new systems on high standardization, high precision, fine refinement, high normalization and high data.

HONDA was established in 1948, now has more than 130 manufacturing base in 29 countries, products range from motorcycle, automobiles and universal products. Apart from the motorcycle which ranked first in the world, HONDA automobile output and scale has been ranked among the top ten in the world with annual output in more than 700 millions.

SONGZ success to go through HONDA global condenser strategic review, and then gradually implement all dimensional whole series of automotive air conditioning products and new energy technology cooperation, which is not only a forward-looking towards external market, is also a important embodiment of SONGZ scale expansion.  

SONGZ will continue to inspire and cultivate the spirit of creativity and challenge, to create more hope and possibilities in the automobile air conditioning products and branding, creating new value of the era!



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