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SONGZ Invited To Participate In The Mass Entrepreneurship And Innovation Activity Week

On September 15 ~ 21, "2017 countrywide mass entrepreneurship and innovation activity week " was held in Shanghai, recommended by the municipal, district science and technology commission, SONGZ independent research and development of " Multi-temperature zone intelligent automatic air conditioning system " successful participation. Dr. Huang guoqiang, President of the institute of refrigeration research, Dr. Qin feng, vice President, and representatives of relevant technical and market personnel attended the event respectively.


This activity week to " Double create and upgrade, strengthen the new kinetic energy " as the theme, led by the national development and reform commission, the ministries and the local, is China's one of the most influential brand activities in recent years. Committee of the political bureau of the CPC central committee and vice premier of the state council zhang gaoli attended the ceremony and said, to foster innovation entrepreneurship is deepening the supply side of structural reform, is the necessary requirement of accelerating the development of old and new kinetic energy conversion.


SONGZ exhibits for the temperature range of independent research and development of a more fully automatic air conditioning system, effectively improve ride comfort through intelligent control, using the new microchannel heat exchanger and the external control variable displacement compressor to achieve high efficiency and energy saving. The core technology of the product is granted multiple license patents, which highlights the technological superiority of SONGZ leading research and development.


Guided by national policies, SONGZ has actively responded to the call of "double innovation", vigorously promoted scientific and technological innovation, explored and co-created the platform mechanism, and fully launched the "innovation" journey of automobile air conditioning.




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