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Shopping Essentials

Good air-conditioning can be used for 10 years, the price is not low. Therefore, buy air-conditioning must not be cheap, buy air-conditioning to see the quality of products:

1. The use of brand-name compressors, compressors are the heart of air conditioners, good heart of course important.

2. Whether the use of high quality and efficient heat exchanger, such as hydrophilic film trapezoidal aluminum, internal thread copper tube.

3. The design of Ultra quiet is achieved by using the wind pendulum driven by the fan wheel and the stepper motor.

4. Whether it is super refrigeration (hot), fast to set the temperature.

5. The appearance of the product is beautiful, whether with the home environment harmonious reunification.

6. The refrigeration (heat) quantity of the product, according to the room area chooses the suitable refrigeration (heat) quantity.

7. Whether the product is power saving, in general, the higher the refrigeration (heat), the lower the input power of the product the more power saving.

8. Length of life. Whether the use of micro-computer fuzzy control, to achieve non-stop operation, whether the automatic defrost.

9. Look at the product noise indicators.

Whether has the low voltage automatic compensation function, has the wide voltage work scope.

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