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Shanghai Volkswagen Visit SONGZ

June 16, Head of automobile air conditioning procurement, air conditioning program responsible person of research, development and quality assurance of Shanghai Volkswagen automobile company went to Shanghai SONGZ for a visit. SONGZ vice President and a delegation from Shanghai car division general manager Mr. Zhu Ping ceremony, vice President Dr. Wong, vice general manager Mr. Wei, Dr. Qin, vice President of the institute and other leaders warmly welcomed.


SONGZ leader for the company throughout the enterprise development, the future strategy, the SONGZ enterprise general situation and the research and development ability made a detailed introduction to the guest, is recognized by the guests.


Delegation visited SONGZ exhibition hall, laboratory, Huaning road factory workshop and Zhuanxing road new factory, The participants commended the development speed of SONGZ and praised rich product chain of SONGZ. SONGZ is actively expanding the Shanghai Volkswagen automobile company new project, which has greatly enhanced the understanding and confidence of the customers by this site visit.




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