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Newsletter! SONGZ Mass Production For Ultra-low Temperature Heat Pump New Energy Bus AC.


SONGZ has always been committed to solving the pain points of new energy buses low-temperature heating with high energy consumption but poor comfort experience. After three years of development with an investment of over 5 million yuan, equals to 735,000 USD, SONGZ successfully developed the first new energy bus air conditioner that can operate stably and ensure heat supply with the ambient temperature in -25 °C in North China and South China. After being verified by Korean and domestic markets, the LHA series products were successfully mass-produced in September 2018.

Ultra-low temperature heat pump air conditioner assembled in SONGZ automatic new energy bus air conditioning assembly line.



LHA series low temperature heat pump air conditioner won the second prize in the 2017 China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Awards.


For the conventional electric compressor can not operate at low temperature, SONGZ cooperates with the industry-renowned company which is among the global top 500 companies, to develop low-temperature heat pump dedicated compressor, with the characteristics of high reliability, high energy efficiency, low failure rate.


In order to overcome the technical challenge that the thermal expansion valve cannot run at low temperature, the new generation of low-temperature heat pump air conditioner adopts low temperature special electronic expansion valve instead of thermal expansion valve to accurately control the flow of refrigerant, and the energy efficiency of low temperature operation is obviously improved.


In order to solve the problem of EMC interference, the new generation of low-temperature heat pump air conditioners adopts an all-in-one integrated controller, which greatly improves the EMC capability and passes the national standards and European Conformity.


SONGZ is further developing high-efficiency ultra-low temperature heat pump air conditioners suitable for normal operation in -40 ° C ultra-low temperature environment. Since 2017, three different ultra-low temperature heat pump technology routes are under research and development; it is expected to promote the first generation of -35 ° C ultra-low temperature in 2019, and to launch in 2020 of -40 °C new ultra-low temperature heat pump products.


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