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Looking at the brand

The market air conditioner brand is more, has the domestic, has the foreign country, most has own unique advertisement propaganda, lets the consumer difficult choice. Recommended in the purchase of air-conditioning, to choose those enterprises strong, brand awareness of high, perfect after-sales service products. This is based on two considerations:

The first is to ensure the implementation of after-sales service, because air-conditioning is a large household appliances, after-sales service is very important. According to the relevant provisions of the State, the compressor should be 3 years of warranty, and home appliance market competition is almost hot, some manufacturers tend to survive a short period, and some 35 years down. Enterprises fell, its commitment to the nature is difficult to implement. If blindly cheap, the purchase enterprise strength is weaker, the brand popularity is not high product, then the endless disaster.

Second is from the quality of consideration, because of strong enterprise strength, brand awareness of air-conditioning, relatively speaking, the quality is relatively stable. Such enterprises not only strong technical force, but also pay special attention to quality, buy such product quality is guaranteed.

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