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JAC -SONGZ Technology Communication

JAC -SONGZ technology communication event was held in Dec. 22th, 2016. During the event, 5 topics were put forward by SONGZ with discussion with JAC, namely 

1.Passenger Car High Efficiency AC Technology and Development

2.Systematic Solutions for Improvement of Passenger Cabin Air Quality

3.SONGZ Technology for Electric Vehicle AC and BTM (Battery Thermal Management)

4.Introduction to the Trend of Vehicle Heat Exchanger 

5.Introduction to Automatic AC Calibration Technology

Through this event, a further communication and discussion was promoted to R&D personnel on raw material, process, cost, future trend and etc, which has laid a better foundation for mutual cooperation. JAC-SONGZ is a branch company for SONGZ group, which is founded in 2009 with cooperation with JAC.

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