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In 2017, The Purchasing Department Will Summarize The Meeting And Team Building Activities

On July 20th, the purchasing department of SONGZ Was held in hua ning road. In this meeting, the divisions of the subsidiaries were centered on "summary report of the first half of the year and planning for the second half of the year", which was followed by a summary report. In the fierce market competition and cost pressures, the purchasing department is always around the company's mission as the goal, under the cooperation and support of all departments, continue to deepen "to strengthen the foundation, innovation to change .The concept of "ensure that procurement cost optimization. The various tasks identified at the beginning of the year are effectively and orderly. All the indicators have achieved great results. At the same time, we have proposed corresponding solutions and action plans for how to complete the second half of the procurement work. 

During the meeting, the leaders of the department and the headquarters also made a guiding statement on the work of purchasing department, and raised higher expectations for the follow-up procurement. Finally, Mr. Ji President of the company, gave an excellent speech to the participants, emphasizing the importance of procurement. To ask the purchasing staff to keep the professional quality of "upright and honest", take quality efficiency and innovation as the grasp and complete the procurement target specified by the company.

On July 21th, Mr.Chen of the purchasing director, conducted training on the purchase cost control of the purchasing personnel of all subsidiaries. Through all kinds of practical cases, we have learned how to effectively carry out cost analysis and improve our business ability. In the end, we carried out the department activities, and through participating in a series of team development projects, we understood the importance of teamwork and strengthened the team cohesion of the purchasing department.

The successful meeting of the conference played an important role in guiding the implementation of the second half and the follow-up of the procurement work, we believe that under the correct leadership of the company's management, the purchasing department will do better.



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