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Development status of domestic electric vehicle air conditioner

Because of the limitation of battery capacity in early domestic electric vehicles, most electric vehicles are not equipped with air-conditioning system in order not to affect the continued mileage of electric vehicles. However, with the gradual industrialization and marketization of domestic electric vehicles, electric vehicles must be equipped with air-conditioning system. Because of the unique influence of electric vehicles, there is no engine as the power source of the air conditioner compressor for EV and fuel cell vehicles. Also cannot provide as the heat source of the automobile air conditioning in winter, the domestic automobile factory makes partial substitution design from the traditional fuel car air conditioner, replaces the fuel engine-driven compressor with the direct-drive compressor of the DC motor, and changes the control accordingly to complete the function of the air-conditioning refrigeration, At present, the substitution design effect can solve the refrigeration problem of electric vehicle air-conditioning, but the refrigeration efficiency needs to be improved. As there is no residual heat generated by the fuel engine, the heating function of domestic manufacturers are mainly used PTC heating and heating tubes, which can satisfy the heat-making effect, but these heating modes are hard to consume electric vehicles on the battery energy, the thermal efficiency is relatively low, affecting the electric vehicle mileage. 

In the selection of the main components of air-conditioning, at present, in addition to the compressor and control mode, other major parts or components used in the fuel car air-conditioning, condensation equipment is the main use of parallel flow condenser, evaporation equipment is mainly used in the Cascade evaporator, throttle device is still the thermal expansion valve, refrigerant is still r 134a. It is not fully understood that the domestic companies in the development of electric vehicles such as Chery, BYD, FAW, SAIC, Jianghuai, such as the current matching situation of electric cars air-conditioning basically similar, are in the above-mentioned development.

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