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Characteristics of air conditioner for electric vehicle

1. Electric vehicle built-in air conditioning technology requirements characteristics of electric vehicle air-conditioning is the continuation of room air-conditioning, but compared with the room air-conditioning, electric vehicle air-conditioning has many special requirements and characteristics:

(1) Electric vehicles are transport vehicles, which can be regarded as special buildings that can be moved. Compared with the fixed building, its volume is narrow, the personnel is dense, the body's thermal performance is much worse than the building. Therefore, the thermal and wet load of electric vehicle is much larger than that of the general building, and the airflow distribution is difficult to be uniform, so the cooling capacity of automobile air-conditioning requires a large, cooling to be rapid.

(2) When the vehicle is running, the air conditioner of the electric vehicle should withstand severe and frequent vibration and shock. This requires the electric vehicle air-conditioning components should be sufficient strength and seismic capacity, joint firmly and leak-proof, electric vehicle air-conditioning refrigeration system is very easy to occur refrigerant leakage, so the components of the connection to be firm, to constantly check the amount of refrigerant in the system. Statistics show that the air conditioner fault caused by the leakage of refrigerant is about 80% of the total fault, and the leakage rate is very high.

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