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2017 Semi Annual Conference Of SONGZ Passenger Car Division

On July 14th, Shanghai SONGZ passenger car division held a grand meeting of the sales conference on the first floor report hall in zhuanxing road manufacture. Mr.Liu, the general manager of the business department, leaders of various molecular companies, and all the staff of the Shanghai passenger car factory, attended the meeting.

The leaders of each subsidiary will focus on the theme of the "task summary report and the planning of the year". Since this year, in a rapidly changing market competition environment, the car group always focus on the company develop task as the goal, under the various departments cooperate and support, continue to deepen the concept of "customer satisfaction as the core", determined at the beginning of each work effectively and orderly advance, the indicators have achieved great results.

The general manager of the passenger car department, Mr.liu brought us with the "passenger car division development acceleration, are we ready? As the theme of the speech, to determine the overall strategy of the car division: take the market as the leading, quality, efficiency, innovation as the gripper, with internal management to promote the market development, will the passenger car division in scale and benefit, has the first-class enterprise of the brand.And "2020 strategic industry background", automobile industry new change: “policy development direction of new energy vehicles", to update the SONGZ passenger car division 2020 strategy, sales revenue: 3 billion yuan in 2018, 4 billion yuan in 2019, 5 billion yuan in 2020.

For "marketing, project management, research and development, process, manufacturing, quality, supply chain and delivery " "the work of in-depth discussion, to advocate the spirit of" love spell will win ".Respectively with the leaders of the subsidiaries of Mr. liu put forward new goals and requirements for active discussion of the topic, and put forward their views on how to implement a new target and scheme, "We are ready!" the final reply everyone was filled with confidence.

In the automobile industry sustained growth, new energy vehicles bring the market increment environment, this meeting is great significance to the sales work in the second half of the year and the completion of future business tasks.





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