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10,000 Unit / Monthly Output Hits Historic High

— Created by SONGZ BUS AC division on November 2017

Thanks to every individual’s relentless effort and passion , monthly output reaches 10,000 unit ,a historic record created by SONGZ BUS AC Division .such great achievement can’t be realized without joint effort from Songz group and branches.

As great team ,every staff in SONGZ BUS AC Division has made progress together with the philosophy “solidarity ,fraternity ,mutual support” in mind. What we have achieved today is attributed to every employee’s hard work ,great support of Songz group and branches . SONGZ BUS AC Division will forge ahead on the production line regardless of all kind of difficulties and challenges.

At 18:18 on November 30th ,2017 ,a special ceremony to celebrate the 10,000st unit delivery is held grandly in the workshop.

November, it is supposed to be remembered and it is worthwhile to celebrate because of everyone effort. A formal “thank-you “ note is issued by SONGZ BUS AC Division on behalf of SONGZ group .

Let us move forward to achieve new glorious goals in future

”Cheer up, SONGZ !!Come on , BUS AC Division!!’’


Promo video


10,000 unit monthly production delivery ceremony


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